Fa La La La La

I know it is August, but for once, my scrapping is sticking to a theme.  I am on a mission to finish up my Christmas pictures from the last decade.  Be honest.  That sounds impressive… at least until you find out I rarely take Christmas pictures.

Originally, I hadn’t planned on scrapping a lot of these kitty photos.  They aren’t great pictures.  And then my little Dakota passed away right before Christmas.  Suddenly, I felt like it didn’t matter if the photos were “good enough.”  I just really wanted them given a place in my scrapbooks.  It’s funny how even the smallest of priorities change when you lose a furry friend.

Enough with the sadness, and on with the layout!

Under the Tree

This is a pretty common design for me.  Most of the time I have one plain background paper with a more elaborate patterned paper on the bottom two thirds of the layout.  In this case, I didn’t use one patterned paper.  I used strips from both sides of an old Fancy Pants paper.  In this case, I really liked the added dimension of overlapping the strips, as well as including the beige ribbon.  I also didn’t stick to the 1/3 and 2/3 rule.  In this case, the strips cover just over half of the layout.  I wanted to leave some room up top for the title and tag.

The embellishment, like always, is pretty simple.  I started with the tag for journaling and the large quote sticker.  I love that sticker for this layout.  I feel like the kitties under the tree are a more important Christmas tradition than the gifts that get put there.  (The kitties are not happy about their spot being usurped by presents.)  A few chipboard pieces and sequins sprinkled, and the layout is done.

Oh, I do want to point out the title.  For once it wasn’t an afterthought!  I knew I wanted to mix 2 small fonts and have it intermingle a bit with the embellishment above the tag.  My crowning achievement was using tile stickers.  They actually are straight and don’t look awkward!  Score!  Yes, I am overly proud of myself for a very small achievement.  Just give this to me.  🙂

If you take nothing else away from this scrappy post, please remember that it is alright to scrap the less than perfect photos.  They can’t all be professional quality prints.  Well, unless you are a professional photographer of course!


Just a Cat and Some Scraps

I know this is quite a simple page, but I thought I would share it anyway.  This is the result of a scrap bin diving session.  My scraps are once again getting out of control.  Whenever that happens, I like to make a page or two out of scraps.  I wish I could tell you that the bin is no longer overflowing, but that would be a lie.  A really big lie.

This layout started with the floral scrap from Simple Stories.  Oh, how I love that paper.  It makes the perfect jumping off point because it has so many colors.  I dug through the rest of my scraps to find a harvest gold, a teal, and a brown.  Don’t you just love fall colors?  I added in a scrap of kraft cardstock before finding a dark red background.  I layered up the boxes of papers without even really having to trim anything.  That never happens!


Good Day

I knew my embellishing was going to start with those brown corrugated pieces.  They have been in my collection forever.  I love their texture, but rarely do they fit with my color scheme.  Here, they were a great match.  The hearts came next because I love that kitty!  Look at his sweet little face.  The copper hearts and title come from Shimelle’s Go Now Go collection.  I finished it all off with a few Simple Stories stickers.

Though this layout isn’t fancy, I still love it.  There is nothing extraordinary about it.  In fact, the Thickers are the only thing on this page that hasn’t been sitting in my stash for years.  I almost think that makes me love it all the more.  Old supplies don’t have to look or feel old.  They deserve to be dusted off and used to make beautiful things.

Sweet & Sassy

No, this page is not about me.  That would require a title more along the lines of Sweet & Stubborn.  This page is about my lovely little girl kitty.  (Please forgive me, as my kitties are my children.  Yes, I am that kind of crazy.)  She walks around with a perpetual scowl, making her less than photogenic.  She takes after her human mom.  🙂

On this particular day, a small miracle happened.  I took a picture of her where she does not look at the camera as if hoping it would die a horrible death.  Her beautiful green eyes were bright and fully open.  She is tilting her head denoting perhaps some curiosity.  All in all, she is one beautiful happy looking girl.  It is definitely a photo worth scrapping.

For this page, I decided to dig into my rarely used collections and pulled out Studio Calico’s Sundrifter.  As an online shopper, I sometimes purchase collections that are not my cup of tea.  Admittedly, Sundrifter just had not inspired me.  Instead it sat on a shelf for over a year.  For some reason, I found it to be the perfect fit today.  I think the trick of it was to use just a little of the bolder floral pattern and choose the rest of the papers to be understated.

Sweet and Sassy

As always, I ran into a brick wall when it came to embellishing.  I really wanted a lot of white empty space.  At first I included the three circles at the top and bottom, along with the tag and title.  Though I liked it, I found it to be much too bare.  I then added a bit of washi on the tag and just to the left of the “&” card.  Now I had too many straight lines.  Punching the brown feather paper did wonders for the layout.  It added some curves and a bit of weight to the page.

After all of that, I still wasn’t happy.  Quite a bit of digging later, I found some old Making Memories butterflies, some sequins, and a couple of stickers and die-cuts that worked.  The pieces I added provide some needed curves and interesting shapes.  Who doesn’t love hearts and butterflies?

I am pretty happy with the end result this time.  The layout has some fun details, but the photo is really the star.  I find myself staring into those hypnotic cat eyes every time I look at this page.