Scrapping With Flowers

I mentioned in my last post that I rarely use flowers, so I thought I would share a layout I did earlier this year that used flowers.  (Besides, you probably need a break from Disney layouts.  I know I do!)  When I began scrapbooking over a decade ago, I didn’t know what my scrapbooking style was.  Let’s be real… I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a scrapbooking style.  During that time I bought flowers and butterflies galore.  It turns out that I love using butterflies, flowers… not so much.

Since I am far too cheap, ahem, frugal to give them away, I do try to use flowers now and then.  The garden theme of the photos, paired with Bo Bunny’s Olivia collection was the perfect opportunity to use up some of my flower stash.  For once, I am pretty pleased with the result.  I feel like the groupings I created here work much better than the ones in my Coco layout.  They are less linear making them look a bit more natural.  The groupings also use a variety of types of flowers that add more interest.  I have paper, cloth, and sticker flowers mixed in there.

in progress

The overall composition of this layout is simple, but I love it!  Really I just started with two blocks of paper.  There is the journal block and the photo block.  How easy is that?!  I used a diagonal design so that your eye moves from the upper right corner down to the lower left.  The flowers help to keep the layout from becoming too “blocky” by providing some rounded edges.  I used the title to fill in the gap between the two blocks to help soften it as well.

I think that if there is a lesson to be learned here, it is not to buy a ton of supplies when you first begin scrapbooking.  It takes time for you to figure out what your style is.  You will see beautiful layouts that you fall in love with, but may later realize that they just aren’t for you when you start creating.  Buy a little at a time, play, and enjoy yourself.  Experimenting is part of the fun!