It’s Never Too Early

If I don’t get started on my Christmas cards now, I will never get them finished.  They aren’t even that fancy.  If I were a normal person I would find a design, buy the materials for it, and then mass produce everything.  Yeah, I am not normal.  That would be much too efficient.  No, I almost always make every card unique.  (Full disclosure:  I want to use the supplies that I have.  Since I don’t buy multiples of papers, I can’t make cards in batches.)

So far I have made five cards.  My goal this year was to use my stamps because I am a notorious stamp collector.   Those beautiful stamps sit on the shelf collecting dust for years.  I chose two cards that feature stamped images.  I think both can be reproduced using different papers.

The tree card makes me happy.  I like the little banners sticking out the side.  I also like that the tree is so easy to cut out!  (Thank you Unity Stamp Company.)  Rounded edges are a nightmare for my unsteady hands.  Yay for straight lines!  I think I will go through my scraps and use this design a few more times.  The one problem I had was the sentiment.  I was trying to find something that would show up on the navy and white patterned paper.  I thought the tinsel embossing powder was my best bet.  I was wrong.  Silver would probably have been a better choice.

The season’s tweetings card was really a bit different for me.  I am not used to coloring images.  It just isn’t my thing.  So I did my best with some water color pencils.  I colored one set and then used a water pen to help blend the colors.  That didn’t work out well.  The black ink smeared and the colors ran into each other.  I may need to use a different type of stamping ink.  So I did this second set like I would with regular colored pencils.  Though simple, I liked it much better.

Then came the adventure of using the little dies to cut everything without having to use scissors.  I really didn’t think things through when I stamped the images.  They were all so close together that I couldn’t cut everything out at once.  Nope.  I had to run it through for each piece.  I also struggled a bit with die placement.  You can’t see exactly where you are cutting, so you have to do a bit of hoping for the best.  I will be far better prepared the next time I use those cute Freckled Fawn stamp and die sets.

At this point I am done with winter scrapping.  It’s time to move onto some new themes!

Christmas Shopping… For Myself

I am absolutely in the full Christmas swing.  Packages from all around the country are headed my way.  Unfortunately, not all of those packages will make it under the tree.  It appears that this year’s shopping is working under the terms of the “One for you.  One for me.” philosophy.  *sigh*  I really should show more restraint.  I am supposed to be an adult by now.

In case you wanted to live vicariously through my purchases, I thought I would share.  First up is Freckled Fawn’s Very Merry Christmas Kit.

Freckled Fawn.jpg

There are both some hits and misses for me in this kit.  I adore the enamel shapes.  The inclusion of some larger hearts and stars won me over.  Oh, and the clear glittery ones are adorable.  I also can’t wait to put that large “joy” and the holly leaves to use.  I’m thinking those pieces are going on the same layout.  The puffy sticker alphabet just screams Christmas, doesn’t it?

To be fair, the misses in this kit were things I knew I wouldn’t love before I even ordered.  The washi tape is cute.  Washi is just not something I grab when scrapping.  The acetate pieces are another trend that drives me a bit batty.  They require much more thought than die cuts.  How am I going to adhere them?  Are they sitting on a solid paper, or is there something that is going to show through?  I just want to glue things down!!! Ahem.

Pinkfresh Studios recently had a box sale that I just couldn’t turn down.  Shipping included, this box ran $35.00.  Inside were 2 full 12×12 paper collections of Felicity and Live Noted, along with the 6×6 papers.  That alone would have more than covered the thirty-five dollar charge.  Additionally, the box had 3 stamp sets, a die, stickers, washi tape, and other embellishments.  I have been wanting to try scrapping with some Pinkfresh Studio papers.  In general, they have a more modern graphic feel than my layouts.  But it is good to branch out, right?  And honestly, look at those cute Christmas Wishes acrylic stickers.  I needed those aqua stars!