Cloudy With a Chance of Creativity

I finally had a bit of a creative breakthrough.  It isn’t waaaaaaaaaaaay off of my regular scrapping path, but I did include some fussy cutting.  For the record, I hate fussy cutting.  Yes, I know you move the paper, not the scissors.  Still, I get impatient after the first couple of cuts.  Then I get reckless.  Next thing you know, all of those smooth curves get hacked to pieces.

Two things finally got me going.  First, a beautiful cloud paper from Shimelle Laine’s Starshine collection just begged to be fussy cut.  I love the paper, but couldn’t figure out how to use it as a layer in a layout.  So out came the scissors.  I cut quite a few of the cloud groupings without knowing what I was going to do.

The second catalyst turned out to be exhaustion.  The day that I had cut out the clouds, I tried to place them on the layout.  Nothing looked right, and I finally gave up.  So, on a night that I could barely keep my eyes open, I began to work on it again.  The clouds just magically fell into place.  Lack of sleep seems to allow me to not overthink things and just create!  I often do my best scrapbooking in the wee hours of the night.

Real Life

It isn’t a fancy page with a lot of embellishment.  The clouds themselves seem to be enough decoration.  Some are popped up to give a bit of dimension.  I sprinkled them with my favorite wood veneer hearts.  Originally the photos were floating a bit, so I made a shelf for them with the wood grain scallop sticker.  The wood grain was chosen to work with the hearts.

The page still isn’t perfect.  I can see two things in the photo that bother me.  First, I’m not sure about the silver foam Thickers.  I am not going to change them out for something else.  They were the right size for this layout, and I can live with it.  I’m also considering adding a cloud at the top right of the vertical photo.  That white corner formed by the photo and the bottom of the cloud just doesn’t look right.  (Of course I didn’t see that until I photographed the page.)

Still, I am rather happy to have changed it up a little.  On to the next project!


New Toys

Oh, how I love scrap supply shopping.  If only there were a way to make a living by shopping for all the pretty items on the market.  I sometimes fantasize that there were such an occupation as “Scrap Supply Personal Shopper.”  Now that’s a job that I would happily do seven days a week.

I purchase paper at a far higher rate than I use it.  Even when I scrap a little something every day, I don’t make a dent.  At first I was confused by this fact.  Then I began doing some calculations.  Each layout I make generally uses less than 2 pieces of paper. So if an order has 50 papers (usually 2-3 collections plus individual papers), then it will take me a month of scrapping a layout a day to catch up with that order.  I do not finish a layout a day.  In fact, during my work weeks, it averages 1-2 layouts a week.  (Yes, I really do love math.)  No wonder the paper is piling up!

Since I have so much paper, it is rare that I get a new order and use it right away.  Usually I am slogging through older papers and my piles of scraps first.  By the time I get to a “new” order, it could very well be a year later!  That’s crazy!

So when my most recent order arrived, I decided enough was enough.  Those papers were NOT automatically going into my stash.  I sorted through them and chose 3 to use immediately.  They happen to come from Jen Hadfield’s DIY Home collection for Pebbles.  (I know, it is not a new collection.  It came out a year ago.  However, it is new to me.)  I just adore the peach, navy, and grey.

San Fran at Sunset

After choosing the papers, I sorted through my photos and found this 5×7 I took while in San Fransisco.  The color of the sunset fit perfectly with the peach of my background paper.  From there, it didn’t take long to come up with a design.  I knew I wanted my photo to sit on the navy chevron.  However, this created a problem.  The photo didn’t look right on top of the navy.  The dark buildings blended in too well with the dark paper.  So I sorted through my scraps and found that grey/beige (greige?) dot paper that worked well as a mat for the photo.

So where is the third paper I chose?  I used it as the main embellishment for this page.  There is a lovely bold floral paper in this collection that was just calling to me.  I decided to fussy cut it so that I would have some matching embellishments.  You see, I didn’t actually have much in my stash that worked with the collection.  It forced me out of my comfort zone to cut out those flowers.

Fussy cutting is something I try to avoid.  I have two major issues with fussy cutting.  First, I do not have steady hands.  I was never going to be a surgeon.  Shaky hands when dealing with delicate cuts such as the stems for the leaves above results in disaster.  My second issue is a lack of patience.  I will carefully cut out around half a shape and then decide I’m bored and need to go faster.  Not a good idea.  At least I have the “move the paper, not the scissors” technique down.  For once, no paper was harmed in the creating of these fussy cuts.

I’m so glad I dove into my new supplies right away.  I love this new layout.