A Game of Cat and Mouse

With Halloween coming up, I thought I wold share a little trick-or-treat fun.  I had a beautiful fall collection, but I rarely take autumn themed photos.  Why buy a collection that didn’t work with any of my pictures?  Because it was pretty, of course!  Buying scrapbook supplies isn’t always a logical process for me.  Though I did have some Halloween photos of these two cuties.  Halloween is in the fall, so why not use the pretty papers?

I tried to choose the papers that matched the colors in the photos.  Specifically, I was looking at the wall color in the background.  First I pulled that green tone on tone paper.  See the wall just to the left of little miss mouse?  That greenish hue was my inspiration for this choice.  Then I wanted to pull an orange paper, but the orange in the collection didn’t quite work.  So I decided that the brown was the next best thing.  Though I love those papers, they were missing the fun vibe that I was going for with this layout.  So, I settled upon the multi-color leaf paper for the background.  That paper changes the mood to something much more uplifting.

Cat and Mouse

I knew that I wanted this to be a basic square within a square within a square layout.  (Okay, so the green isn’t a square.  It’s a rectangle.  I’m a math teacher.  I know the geometric rules.)  I also knew I wanted to use the large maroon sticker letters.  When I cut my papers, I made sure to leave enough room for the title.  (That’s why the green paper wound up being a rectangle.)  I opted for smaller letters up top in order to accommodate this longer title.

Then came the dreaded embellishing.  I am not happy, people.  For some reason, I just couldn’t figure this one out.  Yes, I always struggle with embellishing.  Usually it eventually comes together.  This time… not so much.  I do really like the witch and cat brads that I used.  Other than that, I think my embellishment clusters are a mess.  The one at the top isn’t so bad.  The smaller size helps.  The bottom cluster is just some diagonal made out of various shapes.

So what do I do now?  I leave it.  Not every page is going to be spectacular.  I could tear it apart and redo it, but that doesn’t guarantee a better outcome.  It does guarantee that another page doesn’t get completed.  Instead, I choose to move on to the next project.  Scrapbooking is supposed to be fun!  I have too many lovely photos and new papers to play with to spend time stressing about one page.

Besides, everyone should be looking at the cutest cat and mouse on the planet.  They are the stars of this page.  They will treasure the photos far more than any paper or stickers I use.