Scrapping Without Thinking

Let me preface this post by saying that I really do like this layout.  I used a great sketch by Jenny Evans that I found on Pinterest.  I couldn’t get access to the original post, however you can find the sketch here.  It’s 7 years old, but a good sketch is a good sketch!  I kept things super simple, but you could totally jazz it up and use a lot more embellishments.

It wasn’t until after I photographed the layout that I realized where I had gone wrong.  You see, I did what I always do.  I looked at the photo and chose my papers to match the colors in the photo.  Navy for the bus, green for the grass, light blue for the sky, yellow for the yellow stripe in the lower right hand corner seems logical, right?  BUT THIS IS A LAYOUT ABOUT THE NIGHT BUS!!!  *sigh*  I obviously was not thinking about the context of the photo.  Is there such a thing as autopilot scrapping?  Clearly lime green does not scream mysterious talking shrunken head Harry Potter bus.  *headdesk*

The Night Bus

So what would I have changed?  Obviously the color scheme for starters.  It would have made sense to do this in black, purple, and maroon.  I could have added in orange for a contrast, or even lime green in just bits.  I think I would have changed the “&” card to be my journaling block.  Also, though I would keep the stars, I would have probably figured out a way to make them silver.  Perhaps embossing powder would do the trick.  It would have also lent itself to more Halloween themed embellishments.

Will I tear this page apart and redo it?  Absolutely not.  I don’t have time to pull things apart again, even when I don’t like the layout.   In this case, I like it, I just wish I had been more thoughtful in my process.  So why did I go through all of the trouble of writing a blog post about it?  Because I believe that I will only get better when I reflect on things.  (It’s something I try to do in other parts of my life as well.)  Now I will slow down when picking out my papers and decide if they match the content of the photo, not just the colors in the photo.

Universal Tip:  Do take the time to visit the Night Bus before you enter the World of Harry Potter.  The character interaction here is great.  Yes, the shrunken head does talk!  If there isn’t a line, the driver and head will chat up a storm.  Be aware that someone in your party will have to take the picture.  My husband volunteered since he hates to be in photos anyway!