On a Roll

I actually managed to scrapbook for a second week in a row!  That hasn’t happened in months.  It appears that insomnia is my friend.  No sleep equals extra crafting time.  See, you should always look on the bright side.

This week’s layout started in such an odd way.  I wanted to start with a journal card that is designed for Project Life style scrapbooking.  This happened to be one of those cut apart cards that seem to be all the rage in collections these days.  The cut apart sheets just vex me since I don’t do pocket scrapbooking pages.  (Well, there was that one time.)  So I was determined to use one on my next layout.

I am home

From there I chose this photo.  I actually really love this photo (which for some reason looks bent, but isn’t.)  I have a secret love affair with Torrid clothing and Starbucks.  Okay, maybe it isn’t so secret.  It certainly isn’t a secret from my credit card company.  They are my kryptonite… along with scrapbook supplies.  So really, this is a layout of all my favorite things.  The day this photo was taken, I was a very happy woman.

Then it was time to choose my papers.  I immediately picked that bold black and white stripe to go along with the ombre pink card.  Let me just say, I love Bella Blvd.  You know that cover sheet in paper collections that shows what is in the collection?  This is the back side of that paper!  Finally a company is utilizing that cover sheet!  Next, I dug into my 6×6 papers to find the two triangle papers.  Does anyone else find their 6×6 pads multiplying?

Once the papers and photos were in place, I pulled out the die cuts from the Simple Stories “I Am” collection and the Bella Blvd. “Oh My Stars” collection.  I settled upon a diagonal design with mainly stars going across the page.  At that point there were entirely too many hard edges.  I threw in a little circle die as well as a doily to soften it a bit.  (The doily is just cut into 2 pieces.  I’m always looking for ways to save money.)

I must confess… titles are not my strong point.  They are always an afterthought.  In this case, I had a pretty large empty space at the bottom of the page.  Then I remembered… I had a package of giant gold glitter words from Pebbles.  I knew I was going to use the “I am” at the top.  The word “home” just struck me.  Though it may not seem logical to anyone else, it was the perfect title for me.  I feel most relaxed and at home in my comfy Torrid sweater while drinking coffee.  It makes me happy sigh just thinking about it.

I love this page.  It isn’t the most innovative or pretty page I’ve ever created.  I think it reflects me, though.  It’s a little bit shiny, a little bit scattered, and features the things I love.  Now on to the next scrappy escapade.


New Toys

Oh, how I love scrap supply shopping.  If only there were a way to make a living by shopping for all the pretty items on the market.  I sometimes fantasize that there were such an occupation as “Scrap Supply Personal Shopper.”  Now that’s a job that I would happily do seven days a week.

I purchase paper at a far higher rate than I use it.  Even when I scrap a little something every day, I don’t make a dent.  At first I was confused by this fact.  Then I began doing some calculations.  Each layout I make generally uses less than 2 pieces of paper. So if an order has 50 papers (usually 2-3 collections plus individual papers), then it will take me a month of scrapping a layout a day to catch up with that order.  I do not finish a layout a day.  In fact, during my work weeks, it averages 1-2 layouts a week.  (Yes, I really do love math.)  No wonder the paper is piling up!

Since I have so much paper, it is rare that I get a new order and use it right away.  Usually I am slogging through older papers and my piles of scraps first.  By the time I get to a “new” order, it could very well be a year later!  That’s crazy!

So when my most recent order arrived, I decided enough was enough.  Those papers were NOT automatically going into my stash.  I sorted through them and chose 3 to use immediately.  They happen to come from Jen Hadfield’s DIY Home collection for Pebbles.  (I know, it is not a new collection.  It came out a year ago.  However, it is new to me.)  I just adore the peach, navy, and grey.

San Fran at Sunset

After choosing the papers, I sorted through my photos and found this 5×7 I took while in San Fransisco.  The color of the sunset fit perfectly with the peach of my background paper.  From there, it didn’t take long to come up with a design.  I knew I wanted my photo to sit on the navy chevron.  However, this created a problem.  The photo didn’t look right on top of the navy.  The dark buildings blended in too well with the dark paper.  So I sorted through my scraps and found that grey/beige (greige?) dot paper that worked well as a mat for the photo.

So where is the third paper I chose?  I used it as the main embellishment for this page.  There is a lovely bold floral paper in this collection that was just calling to me.  I decided to fussy cut it so that I would have some matching embellishments.  You see, I didn’t actually have much in my stash that worked with the collection.  It forced me out of my comfort zone to cut out those flowers.

Fussy cutting is something I try to avoid.  I have two major issues with fussy cutting.  First, I do not have steady hands.  I was never going to be a surgeon.  Shaky hands when dealing with delicate cuts such as the stems for the leaves above results in disaster.  My second issue is a lack of patience.  I will carefully cut out around half a shape and then decide I’m bored and need to go faster.  Not a good idea.  At least I have the “move the paper, not the scissors” technique down.  For once, no paper was harmed in the creating of these fussy cuts.

I’m so glad I dove into my new supplies right away.  I love this new layout.