Super Simple

My scrapbooking style is pretty simple.  You won’t see a lot of tedious work for most of my layouts.  My embellishment clusters generally only have three pieces to them.  It seems like the more I scrap, the less intricate my layouts become.  I just don’t have the time or creativity to make something more complicated.

Today’s layout takes the idea of simplicity to the extreme. I have three incredible photos of my husband and I with Kylo Ren.  If you look at the bottom two photos, you will see me smarting off, and my husband laughing.  Kylo Ren told him to get control of me.  I informed Ben that my husband hasn’t been able to do that in over a decade.  It was a delightful moment that I will always cherish.

When I began choosing papers for this layout, I immediately knew I wanted black and red.  Not only does it match the background, but it just feels intimidating.  I loved that black background paper.  Then I added the simple tone on tone red paper to mat the photos.  When I placed the photos on the red paper, there was something not quite right.  It was just missing something.  It needed another color that would pop a bit. I decided a bit of blue would work well and bring out the planet in the background.

Kylo Ren Awesome

Once I got to the photos and papers glued down, I was a bit stuck. I found the “Awesome” card, and knew I wanted to use it.  Then I tried many different additional journal cards in order to document this particular story.  No matter what I tried, I just could not make it work.  I finally decided that the story could be told on the back of the layout.  In the end, I ended up putting the small embellishments on a diagonal across the page.  A sprinkle of silver stars, some hearts, and a couple of other small pieces finished the page off rather quickly.

Is it a page that will win awards?  No.  Will I still enjoy it in my scrapbook?  Absolutely!

Disney tip:  Being ready to interact with the characters just makes for a better experience… and better photos.  You can tell which photos I was awkward in, and which photos that I went with the flow and had fun.  Have something to say, even to those characters that can’t talk.  I promise, it’s worth the effort.

March of the First Scrapper

It is no secret that I am a geek.  I mean, my one act of rebellion in elementary school was playing Dungeons and Dragons in the library at recess.  Time has only introduced me to new levels of geekyness.  I have a small collection of comic books, my coffee cup says “Time Lord” on it, and somewhere around here I have the Darwin the dolphin action figure from seaQuest DSV.  Yes, I need an intervention.

What I’m trying to say is that you shouldn’t be surprised that I have an affinity for Star Wars.  Episode IV was my very first movie.  I was a toddler when my parents took me to the drive-in movies to see it.  Later, my dad took me into the big city to see Empire Strikes Back in a fancy theater.  I will never forget looking behind me the first time the fighters came flying onto the screen.  The sound system was so good, that I could swear there were really starships coming from behind me.  A few years later, I convinced my parents to take me to Return of the Jedi on opening night.  I just couldn’t wait any longer.

You can imagine my happiness while planning our Disney trip, when I found out Hollywood Studios had some Star Wars attractions.  For me it was a double bonus.  Not only would I get to see some of my favorite characters up close, it was something my husband could enjoy.  Disney is not his cup of tea.  He could turn into the beast while waiting in line for a character meet and greet.  But when it came to the Star Wars attractions, he was all in.

One of our favorites, was the March of the First Order.  We loved watching Captain Phasma and the storm troopers march along the street.  Since they did this every hour, we were able to get some fabulous spots for viewing.  Sadly, I hear that the show ends on July 7th.  With Galaxy’s Edge opening, it makes sense to move the Star Wars scenes from Hollywood Boulevard.

Captain Phasma

From that experience, the Captain Phasma page was borne.  Though the photos are from two different spots in the park, I realized I loved the color combination.  I could pull the orange and blue from the buildings in the background.  Normally I wouldn’t gravitate towards orange and an aqua blue, but they just seemed so perfect together.  Then I wanted to pull in some black and silver as well.  (Hello, it is Captain Phasma.)  As I went through my paper collection, I ran across that black and white background paper.  Is it just me, or does that pattern look a bit like TIE fighters?

As I searched for embellishments, I kept thinking that I needed more black and silver.  I found that white and silver ric rac that I used at the top.  Sadly, there wasn’t enough for the bottom of the layout.  So, I decided to go with a plain black ric rac for the lower edge of the orange paper.  The dark color has more visual weight, so it really needed to go on the bottom.  I found some silver brads (my nemesis… they never go where I want them to go), and some silver cardstock.  Lastly, I decided to use some black Thickers for the title.

I still didn’t know what I wanted for the right side of the photos.  More digging produced the “This is one of my favorite memories” card.  It wasn’t a perfect color match, but sometimes you just need to shrug and decide it is good enough.  I also found that black and white striped bag.  Luckily, they worked to fill the space perfectly.  The bag by itself was too plain, so I used my Sizzix to cut the star out of the silver cardstock which I popped up on a foam adhesive.

Honestly, I love the final product.  It’s such a simple layout, and yet it looks so different than my other pages.  For me, it is the colors that stand out.  Two bright colors against a distressed black and white background isn’t something I would typically choose.  This is one of the few times I can say that my photos and papers really worked to create a cohesive design.  I’m glad I ventured outside of my comfort zone.  As Yoda would say… “Do.  Or do not.  There is no try.”