Page Inspiration

As I said on a previous post, all sorts of things inspire me to scrap.  I was looking at my “used” board to see what projects I’ve already copied.  “Here and Now” by Lilin Fang caught my attention. I am completely head over heels for that black and white print with all of the cities.  It is such a nice counterpoint to the bits of color and large amount of white space on the rest of the page.


I tried to copy her.  Really I did.  My page fell far short of her beautiful work.  Still, it was fun to play around with her ideas.



I can quickly look through and see what caused my issues.  Though I like this pretty diagonal stripe paper, it does not have the same impact of the black and white paper Lilin used.  It just doesn’t have the same weight or presence on the page.  My title is heavy handed compared to the ethereal “Here and Now” which is in either a light colored paper or a light wood veneer.  My gelato colors are much too uniform in size.  (Darn that need to be neat and orderly on a page.)

And yet, I still like this page.  It was a step outside of my comfort zone.  (Hello gelatos!)  I played around with some white wispy cuts from my Silhouette.  It features a photo of my co-workers that I cherish.  I like it enough to give it another go.  I’m thinking it may be time to pull out the “My Story” collection from My Mind’s Eye.  More yellow and pink?  Yes please.



4 thoughts on “Page Inspiration

  1. “(Darn that need to be neat and orderly on a page.)” that made me chuckle, I am the same…makes it hard to do ‘splatters’ or sequins that look like they were sprinkled onl.


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