Before I talk about this page, can I just ask why purple and lavender are so hard to use in scrapbooking?  My niece had a beautiful wedding with a lavender and green color scheme.  It’s been difficult to even find much in the way of papers and embellishments.  Then it seems like lavenders simply don’t match unless they are from the same line of paper.  If only she had a teal/aqua wedding.  I would have enough paper and embellishments for 10 weddings!

I decided to make this layout from the scraps that were still laying on my desk from a previous page.  That Pink Paislee floral and the lavender dot paper from the Echo Park Dots & Stripes collection were just begging to be used on another page.  Really, why put it away when I still had wedding photos to scrap?  I didn’t have a lot left, just a couple of strips.  That gave me the idea of doing strips of paper as my main embellishment to a photo heavy page.  So I pulled out the aqua cross hatch, the grey polka dot, and that little bit of Kioshi lavender.  The color is a bit off on that one (matching lavenders is impossible) so I made sure just a tiny strip was on show.

As I started laying out my strips, I made the decision to cut that floral into 2 strips.  It was just too wide as a single piece.  I really do adore that paper, so it had to show up twice on the page.  Honestly, I ended up fussing and rearranging them multiple times.  I wasn’t sure that I wanted the floral and the grey dot paper next to each other.  It was a little too much white next to each other.  In the end, it was the best way to keep those clashing lavenders apart.  The lavender between them didn’t work either because the floral has a lavender in it as well.  By keeping the two white based strips fairly narrow, I think it worked out in the end.

I added a patterned paper journal block.  A solid block just looked too plain.  Then I placed the silver glitter title.  Here is where I have to sigh at myself a little.  You see, the page that will likely sit beside this one that used the same papers, has a gold title.  Obviously I didn’t look at that page at all as I made this one.  What was I thinking?  Oh well, the glitter Thicker police will just have to arrest me.

The only embellishment I added to this page is the three butterflies.  I did try a few other things.  I found that the papers on the left made the layout too busy to include anything more.  Now that I’m looking at it, I could put a few pearls on top of the butterflies.  What do you think?

Love This


7 thoughts on “Leftovers

  1. Absolutely lovely. I agree with you on adding pearls to the butterflies. It would add a nice touch. And I don’t mind silver and gold next to each other in my albums – so if the color police stop by, we won’t let them in.

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