So Many Pretty Things

I’m scrapbook window shopping.  I do this a lot.  New pretty things will come out.  I put them in my cart.  Then I leave the tab open on my computer for days… or weeks.  Eventually I will either finally buy the items (unless they have sold out) or simply close the tab.  Here are some products that I am considering.


I had a package of wood veneer asterisks.  Though there are a few left, I’m running low.  Look!  Look!  I could get some more.  The hearts are nice too.  Who couldn’t use hearts?  My problem is with the at symbols.  I’m struggling with how I would use them.  Do I really want to buy a package where I would only use two-thirds of the product?


I am almost certain that these will be mine.  Oh how I swoon for glitter foam Thickers.  They are so easy to use.  I love the texture.  They are glitter!  (Duh)  What could be better?  Sadly, the store I’m looking at is currently sold out of them.  I’m pretty sure I will stalk a few stores until I find them.


This paper from Pink Paislee just keeps calling out to me.  Yes, I am a sucker for ombre papers.  For some reason, this feels like my holy grail ombre paper (until the next one comes along).  I am loving the painted look of it.  It absolutely needs to be a background with some teal layers or maybe some soft cream.

It’s late.  I’ve made it through another day without buying any new scrapbooking items.  Tomorrow I will look at my cart again.


4 thoughts on “So Many Pretty Things

  1. I love ombre papers. I’ve also gone shopping but never claimed my cart (online only). My problem is that sometimes I click buy, when what I really need to do is use up my stash.


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