Just a Cat and Some Scraps

I know this is quite a simple page, but I thought I would share it anyway.  This is the result of a scrap bin diving session.  My scraps are once again getting out of control.  Whenever that happens, I like to make a page or two out of scraps.  I wish I could tell you that the bin is no longer overflowing, but that would be a lie.  A really big lie.

This layout started with the floral scrap from Simple Stories.  Oh, how I love that paper.  It makes the perfect jumping off point because it has so many colors.  I dug through the rest of my scraps to find a harvest gold, a teal, and a brown.  Don’t you just love fall colors?  I added in a scrap of kraft cardstock before finding a dark red background.  I layered up the boxes of papers without even really having to trim anything.  That never happens!


Good Day

I knew my embellishing was going to start with those brown corrugated pieces.  They have been in my collection forever.  I love their texture, but rarely do they fit with my color scheme.  Here, they were a great match.  The hearts came next because I love that kitty!  Look at his sweet little face.  The copper hearts and title come from Shimelle’s Go Now Go collection.  I finished it all off with a few Simple Stories stickers.

Though this layout isn’t fancy, I still love it.  There is nothing extraordinary about it.  In fact, the Thickers are the only thing on this page that hasn’t been sitting in my stash for years.  I almost think that makes me love it all the more.  Old supplies don’t have to look or feel old.  They deserve to be dusted off and used to make beautiful things.


On a Roll

I actually managed to scrapbook for a second week in a row!  That hasn’t happened in months.  It appears that insomnia is my friend.  No sleep equals extra crafting time.  See, you should always look on the bright side.

This week’s layout started in such an odd way.  I wanted to start with a journal card that is designed for Project Life style scrapbooking.  This happened to be one of those cut apart cards that seem to be all the rage in collections these days.  The cut apart sheets just vex me since I don’t do pocket scrapbooking pages.  (Well, there was that one time.)  So I was determined to use one on my next layout.

I am home

From there I chose this photo.  I actually really love this photo (which for some reason looks bent, but isn’t.)  I have a secret love affair with Torrid clothing and Starbucks.  Okay, maybe it isn’t so secret.  It certainly isn’t a secret from my credit card company.  They are my kryptonite… along with scrapbook supplies.  So really, this is a layout of all my favorite things.  The day this photo was taken, I was a very happy woman.

Then it was time to choose my papers.  I immediately picked that bold black and white stripe to go along with the ombre pink card.  Let me just say, I love Bella Blvd.  You know that cover sheet in paper collections that shows what is in the collection?  This is the back side of that paper!  Finally a company is utilizing that cover sheet!  Next, I dug into my 6×6 papers to find the two triangle papers.  Does anyone else find their 6×6 pads multiplying?

Once the papers and photos were in place, I pulled out the die cuts from the Simple Stories “I Am” collection and the Bella Blvd. “Oh My Stars” collection.  I settled upon a diagonal design with mainly stars going across the page.  At that point there were entirely too many hard edges.  I threw in a little circle die as well as a doily to soften it a bit.  (The doily is just cut into 2 pieces.  I’m always looking for ways to save money.)

I must confess… titles are not my strong point.  They are always an afterthought.  In this case, I had a pretty large empty space at the bottom of the page.  Then I remembered… I had a package of giant gold glitter words from Pebbles.  I knew I was going to use the “I am” at the top.  The word “home” just struck me.  Though it may not seem logical to anyone else, it was the perfect title for me.  I feel most relaxed and at home in my comfy Torrid sweater while drinking coffee.  It makes me happy sigh just thinking about it.

I love this page.  It isn’t the most innovative or pretty page I’ve ever created.  I think it reflects me, though.  It’s a little bit shiny, a little bit scattered, and features the things I love.  Now on to the next scrappy escapade.


National Scrapbooking Day… A Day Late

Yes, I am aware that NSD was yesterday.  I promise that I really did celebrate on time!  Okay, I celebrated after I got through with being an adult for the day.  My husband seemed to be blissfully unaware of the importance of NSD when he scheduled appointments for us.  The nerve!

Once home, I ran up into the crafting room and looked at my supplies.  With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, making a card was my first priority.  I happened to have some Simple Stories Posh die cuts sitting out on my desk from a previous project.  I chose two to use for cards.  The florals and soft colors were perfect for this particular occasion.

It didn’t take very long to dig through my scrap bin to find some matching papers.  I have a plethora of aquas, teals, pinks, and yellows.  At that point it was just a matter of stacking up a few rectangles and positioning the die cuts.  Each card has a smattering of enamel dots, pearls, or sequins to finish it off.  In all, I made 3 cards in under an hour.  (The 3rd is super simple in a fall color palette.)  I think that is a record for me.

The bicycle feels like an appropriate motif for my papercrafting lately.  I need to keep pedaling on and creating.  Though I am not doing anything that is cutting edge, I feel the momentum going in the right direction.  And hey, it is so much fun playing with the pretty products!  That is the important part.





Long Time No Scrap

It has been far too long, I know.  At this point in time you probably thought I had given up the blog.   Though I would like to tell you an exciting story about being off on some great adventure, the truth is just that life got in the way.  Work got the better of me for a while and took up all of my time.  Then a bout of bronchitis kept me from my beloved scrap room.  Those two things paired with a lack of creativity resulted in months of no scrappy escapades.

This weekend I finally returned to playing with pretty papers.  The result is a bit meh, but it is an important first step to getting my groove back.  I need to keep cranking out the projects until a brilliant idea strikes again.  It will happen.  It just takes time.

Today’s installment features a bit of a fuzzy photo of a scrap busting design.  You know how I hate to throw any scraps away.  So I rummaged through my scrap bin and pulled out pinks, teals, greens, and blues.  One piece in particular caught my eye.  It’s that multi-colored dot print behind the photo.  Doesn’t it just say birthday to you?

Forever Sweet

Going with the birthday theme, I found a photo of this beautiful birthday cake.  (That cake is vegan! Can you believe it?)  I didn’t have any other photos to go with this one.  Placing a small 4×4 photo on a 12×12 page is a challenge for me.  I know there are some beautiful pages out there that use one small photo on a large page.  The artists are masters of using white space.  I am not one of those masters.  So instead, I decided to fill my space with those paper strips.

I am quite fond of paper strip layouts.  They don’t require a whole lot of fuss.  Nothing has to be lined up exactly.  The paper can be in a variety of widths.  And, of course, it is a great way to get rid of those scraps.  I was even able to throw a couple of branding strips into the mix.  It only took a few minutes to layout the strips in a purposely uneven manner.

Then it was time to work on the top of the layout.  I double matted the photo so it had a bit more weight.  That left some room for a fairly large title to the right.  At first I was going to lay the silver Thickers right onto the background paper.  The silver blended into the white and was too difficult to see.  Rifling through a die-cut pad, I came upon the turquoise piece.  It wasn’t the exact color I was looking for, but sometimes perfect is over-rated.

Finally it was time to add in some embellishments.  I started with the silver leaves.  Leaves logically need flowers.  Immediately I knew the Simple Stories’ Bloom & Grow collection was exactly what I needed.  A few flower die-cuts later and some puffy stickers from Pinkfresh Studio and I was done.

It feels good to be back in the saddle again.  Stick with me.  I plan for this to be quite the ride.

Sometimes You Need a Sketch

I have been complaining about how all of my layouts look the same.  It is so easy to fall into artistic habits.  You have even seen me attempt to break out of those habits and fail miserably.  It just seems that once I start creating, I end up repeating what is familiar.

Finally, I found a way (for now) to get out of that scrappy slump.  I chose a sketch that is decidedly not my style.  In this case, I pulled up an old sketch from the My Mind’s Eye Blog.  You can find it here.  It is a bit minimalist in that it doesn’t use a lot of patterned paper.  You know how much I love patterned paper.  I usually use it for the background as well as whatever other paper layers are on the page.

Now don’t get me wrong.  You will see lots of different patterned papers on this page.  It’s just that they are in smaller bits.  This sketch is absolutely perfect for using up your scraps!  That is exactly what I did.  Everything except the white cardstock background came from my scrap bin.


In this case, I started with the triangle paper from Pink Paislee’s Memorandum collection.  I have to admit, that is one of my favorite collections.  As this particular paper shows, the collection included just about every color in the rainbow.  It made it very easy to pick out coordinating scraps.  Just about any color was fair game.  It allowed me to mix brands quite easily.  I believe I see Simple Stories, Bella Blvd, Echo Park, and American Crafts represented here.

Really, this page came together pretty fast.  It didn’t need a lot of embellishing thanks to the many different patterns.  I pulled a few chipboard shapes from the Posh line.  In order to repeat the circles, I also used some brads.  You can’t even believe how happy I am to use some brads.  Buying brads is a special talent of mine.  Using them is not.  For once, I really enjoyed the free form style and just went with it.

Do you want to know what I really like about sketches?  You can use them over and over.  I’m already thinking about turning this one on its side and using a horizontal photo.  Oh the possibilities!


Summer in January

In the midst of the shortest days of the year, I find myself craving the sun.  I want to feel the warmth on my face.  I want to go outside and enjoy the day.  I want to hang out with friends and play frisbee golf badly.  (Just to be clear, *I* play badly.)  Instead, I’m looking out the window at overcast skies and freezing temperatures.

One way to fight those wintertime blues is to scrap like it is summer… or at least scrap those summer pictures.  I like bringing back memories of summer vacations and lazy days.  To be honest, I also like scrapping with a summer palette.  Nothing says summer like bright colors.

In this case I decided to grab the “We Are Family” collection by Echo Park.  It was that vibrant green I needed.  I know it’s a tone on tone B side.  But look at how happy it is!  I matched it up with a dusty blue polka dot for contrast.  Then I chose the multi-color chevron for the background. I have a lot of chevron patterns in my stacks, but there is nothing like this paper.


When it came time to embellish, I knew I needed a bit more drama.  That red scallop border sticker at the bottom really helped.  Then it looked funny when I didn’t have any red on top.  (I really think scrapbooking is the act of fixing the problems I create.)  Though I didn’t have any more red border stickers, I did have some red Bo Bunny ribbon that I purchased ten years ago.  (This is why I don’t purge my unused supplies.)


The rest of the embellishment is pretty straightforward.  I looked through the sticker sheet that came with the collection and pulled the banner as well as the title.  No, it probably wasn’t the best day of my life, but it was a good day.  (There are so many supplies that refer to something as being the best day.  Really, don’t you only have one best day?  So sometimes you just have to use those supplies on a good day.)  I added the little gnome and the “happy” from the Simple Stories “Bloom and Grow” collection.  Then I dug out the chipboard clouds and butterfly.  A few sequins scattered around, and I was done.

This layout is clean and simple.  Still, it makes me happy.  It’s my little ray of sunshine to look at as I sit here drinking my tea.

When Obsessions Collide

By now you should have figured out that I am obsessed with scrapbooking.  I am not satisfied with just making pages.  I follow trends and stalk the new products available.  (I still wish I could get paid for scrappy shopping.  It would be the best career ever.)  I spend every weekend creating something with paper and glue.  Really, there is an entire room of my house dedicated to this folly.  How crazy is that?

It was only a matter of time before my other fixation became the subject of a layout.  Ladies and gentlemen, I have a nail polish addiction.  The photos in this layout don’t reveal how deep the problem runs.  You see, shortly after taking the photograph of my new nail polish rack, I obtained about 50 more bottles.  Fifty!  There is no longer any space between the bottles on the top 4 shelves.

I specifically have a Zoya problem.  I have around 70 bottles of polish now.  I believe that 65 of those 70 are Zoya.  (For you math people, that is approximately 93 percent of the bottles.)  Out of all of my polishes, Sunshine is my favorite.  It is a lovely denim colored matte texture polish that has a bit of sparkly glitter thrown in for good measure.  Oh how I love that polish!  It makes me happy year round.


It just so happens that I recently received a scrappy order that included the Posh collection from Simple Stories.  If you love pretty papers, please take a look at it.  There is a lovely mix of colors, with bits of gold for an extra glittery punch.  I am also a little bit in love with the icons you will find among the embellishments.  There are birds, hearts, dogs, arrows, flowers, and feathers.  It’s a nice mix for everyday use.  The chipboard pieces are amazing!  They pop right out of the package and aren’t too clunky.

I began with the navy and white stripe paper from Posh and then chose the peachy pink background paper from another collection.  The embellishments are Posh die cuts and chipboard pieces.  I just loved sitting those birds on top of the word “sparkle.”  They just fit perfectly.  It needed a little more color, so I punched the scallop border in that pop of green.  Overall, I like the composition.

If you know me, you know I’m not completely happy.  The border below the photos is too blue.  It doesn’t look quite so blue in person, but in this photo I can tell it doesn’t quite match.  I am also not happy with the area below “Nails.”  It needed some gold to balance it off, but nothing quite worked.  I wound up using a thin gold washi.  It isn’t bad.  I just wish I had not written my journaling there.  Oh well.  I’ve learned not to do that again.

Now that I have documented the insanity that is my nail obsession, I can move on.  What should I scrap next?  My love of coconut water?  Maybe I should actually decorate my house (of 8 years) and scrap the process.  Most likely I will return to the hundreds of pictures of my cats.  Yes, I am certainly captivated by my cats.

Blog Goals Broken

I knew this day would come.  I set out to publish 2 regularly scheduled blog posts a week.  That’s right.  No matter what, I was going to grace the internet with my words of scrappy wisdom twice weekly.  I was going to be the blogger you could count on to produce new content like clockwork!  At one point, I even had my posts written 2 weeks in advance.  This was going to be a piece of cake.

Somehow I had forgotten that creating projects, photographing them, and writing takes time.  Time I had during the summer.  Then work started back up for me.  Suddenly I was investing 50 hours a week away from home.  Some nights I got home at 6:00, and others at 9:00.  Even though I did try to scrap each night, it wasn’t much.  This last week I managed a card and a quick layout.  Since they were completed this evening, I haven’t had a chance to photograph them.

So instead of a new project, I am going to share with you what arrived on my doorstep this afternoon.  A few scrappy goodies showed up in time to get me working in the scraproom today.


After telling myself that the last thing I need is more paper, I ordered 3 new collections.  The Simple Stories “Posh” is right up my color scheme alley.  I know I have enough pink and teal to scrap into 2018, but I just couldn’t help myself.  Honestly, I think the dog icon sent me over the edge to buy this one.  Bella Blvd. put out the “Oh My Stars” collection.  It appeals to my need for bright colors.  Did I mention I am addicted to stars as well?  This was a must have for me.  I also decided on MME’s seasonal “Sugar Plum.”  Yes, I know.  More pink and teal was probably not what I needed in my stash.  The papers are so beautiful!  I even like the dreaded glitter that gets everywhere.


I purchased some matching embellishments along with odds and ends that I couldn’t resist.  I absolutely needed the matching die-cuts and chipboard elements for the collections I purchased.  Look!  There’s the cute little “Posh” dog!  I also had to have the chipboard leaves from Jen Hadfield.  I have not a single project in mind for them.  They just needed to be mine.  There’s a bit of Shimelle’s collection as well including the word Thickers, enamel shapes, and puffy hearts.  I love each and every piece.

I hope you will accept the photos of my new toys as an apology for a late post.  I also hope you forgive me if I begin posting once a week.  Of course, if anyone could clone me, I would be happy to send the clone to work while I play with paper and glue.

Pocket Page Take 1

I have mentioned in the past that I am NOT a pocket page scrapper.  In a decade of scrapbooking I had created exactly zero pocket layouts.  I scrap in a 12×12 or 8×8 format just fine.  However, if you give me any other sizes to work with, I am clueless.  This is not to say that I don’t own pocket page materials, including the pocket pages themselves.  (Please don’t ask why.  I think it would just be safe to assume that I own every paper crafting supply ever made.)

The other day I was organizing my space and found the pocket pages I purchased YEARS ago.  I also ran across my Simple Stories Life Documented collection.  It was a sign.  A pocket page had to be created.

After perusing the papers, I decided the colors worked well with some of my cat photos.  (I only had about 100 to choose from.)  So I pulled out 3 photos of my boy and 3 photos of my girl.  I would dedicate one side of the pocket page for each cat.  It was actually a good opportunity since I had been wanting to document their different personalities.

Then I ran into my first challenge.  The photos of my girl were in a true 4×6 format.  My little boy’s pictures were 4×5 and something.  *Sigh*  I needed to find a way to make the smaller photos look good in the pocket.  So after perusing the papers, I decided to use the 4×6 cut apart sheet.  I chose those cards that were not only good color matches, but that also allowed me to cover up the sentiments or icons printed on them.  This brings me to problem number 2.  One of the cards still had a bit of the writing showing. Being the problem solver that I am, I put together those paper flowers that sit in the corner of each photo.  (Scrapbooking:  the art of fixing mistakes)  I didn’t like how the flowers just sat there.  Yes, problem 3.  Off I went to the phrase stickers and found a few that I could run along the bottom of the photos.

Once I got to the journaling block, I wasn’t sure what to do other than start writing.  I didn’t know how much room I would need.  As it turns out, I needed all of the block!  I am so happy that it didn’t leave a lot of room for embellishment.  I placed a couple of flowers in opposite corners, along with a few more phrase stickers and called it a day.

Pocket Page

I’m not thrilled with the overall composition of the page.  I feel like it needs more bells and whistles.  Working in an unfamiliar format (and in a distressed style that I don’t use) threw me off of my game.  Honestly, I’m feeling okay about this first attempt.  I managed to use up some older products and document my little loves in the process.  With practice, I think I can make a well designed pocket page.  I just need to play with the designing on a smaller canvas.


Currently my scrapping inspiration is in the form of a challenge.  One of the message boards I visit challenged us to use a collection that we haven’t yet used.  This challenge really has me working through some things I purchased that have been collecting dust.  You can see the first page I created, “Autumn Girl,” with this in mind in an earlier post.

Really, it has also made me think about purchasing paper collections.  Why do I buy something and then let it sit for a year or more without making it onto a page?  I know my style.  I know what I use.  After a decade you would think that I have purchasing supplies down to a science.  (Obviously not since I ran out of adhesive a couple of weeks ago.)

The first reason I buy collections is really a terrible reason.  It was on sale.  *sigh*  I am an intelligent woman.  I understand advertising and how sales work.  The psychology of sales is certainly not beyond my grasp.  And yet, I still see those magic words and wind up with all of the papers instead of the 2 or 3 that really work for me.  Sometimes the shape and letter stickers included in a collection are just enough to push me over the shopping edge.  Oh those merchandising people are brilliant!

At face value, my other reason for buying a collection seems legitimate.  I think the papers are pretty.  That’s perfect justification for buying a collection, right?  Not in all cases.  Bella Blvd’s Thankful pack is a good example of a beautiful product that is not right for me.  I don’t take fall photographs.  I also don’t take photographs at our Thanksgiving celebration.  What was I thinking?  Oh yes, it’s pretty.

Today’s layout is created from a collection that is not right for me in more ways than one.  “Hello Baby” by Simple Stories is a wonderful pastel baby collection that includes pieces for pocket scrapbooking.  So what is the problem?  I don’t have children.  It was seriously difficult for me to find a baby photo that I had not already scrapped.  I am at the mercy of others to supply me with photographs of their adorable children.  And did I mention that I am not a pocket scrapbooker?  At least half of the papers in the collection are designed to be used in a format that I don’t utilize.  The pretty papers lured me in again!

It’s a good thing that I am much too stubborn to let these poor decisions defeat me.  Instead, I am determined to figure out a way to make them work for me.  In some cases that means getting my photographs from other sources.  My family seems more than happy to send me photos to scrap.  In other cases, I will figure out a way to use the materials in unexpected ways. This layout does a bit of both.


I am the first to admit that I could have used these same materials and not included a baby photograph.  In fact, I have a fabulous photo of this year’s birthday cake that I could have used instead.  However, I did have this cutie that needed to get onto a page.  So after plucking out the last remaining baby photo I had, I went to work on papers.

The chevron seemed to be a good choice for a background.  That only left me with a few papers to choose from that weren’t designed for a pocket page.  So the polka dot was an easy pick.  I also looked through the paper strips and decided to use the “So Very Sweet” strip.  I felt it blended too much into the background, so I found that brown dot paper in another collection.  It adds a little visual weight to the bottom of the page.

Here is where I decided to use something a bit differently than it was intended to be used.  See those elephants?  That’s an overlay designed to be used in pocket pages.  I cut a white piece of cardstock to fit behind the overlay, knowing it would be a perfect place for my journaling.  The only tricky part would be adhering the transparent overlay onto the page without having the adhesive show through.  My banner (which I see I need to fix) purposely dips down to touch the overlay.  I have adhesive hidden behind it.  The small heart at the top right of the overlay is also hiding my glue.  Those two little places will hold plastic and paper together just fine within an album.

I am so glad someone suggested we try to make a dent in our unused collections.  Creating a page out of something that isn’t quite you is sweet satisfaction.